28 July 2011

Update on Little Miss

I've blogged about Little Miss and her many struggles several times but if you're new here you can read my older posts to get caught up here, here, here, and here.

It's now been just shy of two months since Little Miss began speech therapy. She has learned a little bit of sign language and has started to use words. In the beginning it was rough and she was shy with her Speech Therapist but once she felt comfortable she began to participate. For several weeks when saying a word she would whisper it but finally she has began to speak aloud. She is showing improvement but still has such a long way to go. I've scoured the internet trying to find a reason for all of the delays Little Miss has had but can't find anything that has symptoms that fit her. She is shy, but very social. She is loving, cuddly, and very observant. She has a fabulous memory and is so smart! She outsmarts me daily and I am always shocked by how smart she really is. She understands everything I say to her. It's amazing how her brain seems to be working wonderful but her speech is lacking. It's a daily worry and concern for me. A part of me just wishes we had an answer to why she is delayed while another part of me doesn't want anything to be wrong with her. I want my daughter to not have to struggle. I can see the frustration in her face everytime she wants something but can't communicate to me what it is. It breaks my heart.

Little Miss has a follow up appointment with her doctor in a few weeks to re-evaluate her speech and development. I am nervous but also looking forward to it because I'm hoping to get some answers.


  1. Have u asked about autism? Im in school for special education and that sounds likethe syptomes she may just have a very mild case

  2. Go, Little Miss, Go!!! Keep up the wonderful work, baby girl!!!!!

  3. Thats awesome. Shes not the only child to have a speech delay. Not sure how old little miss is, but the sooner you caught this the better. My youngest was born premature and they told me that there could be a few delays in speech and development. So after speaking with a few professionals for tips they said it will just take time. Im sure the therapist told you to read to her picture books, and sing, and dance and pick up animals and say what they are and hide them to have her find them and call it out. Luckily she has such a great mommy who worries about all these things