23 April 2014

The No Closet Challenge

Good Morning from Germany!
The kids and I are stuck in a one bedroom apartment everyday while my husband is in-processing which means if the weather isn't nice the kids end up watching movies on the laptop while I search Pinterest and surf my favorite home decor blogs. So there is one little(big) problem in our new house. It has no closets. Did your jaw drop? Because mine did when the realization hit me. In our Florida house I had a HUGE walk in closet. So big that it even fit a dresser as well as several shoe racks and other storage essentials in it.

So I have been scouring the internet for ideas on how in the heck I am going to make this work for a family of four who has a lot of clothes. Something I have really been loving is garment racks. They can just be so chic when done right. Now this would not work for all of our clothes because that would just look messy. But maybe a garment rack paired with some German shranks(wooden closets/armoires). Then maybe I could hide it all behind a curtain? Or maybe we block off half the living room and make that a play room so we can make one of the bedrooms a dressing room? So many ideas. Well here are some of my inspirations  via pinterest...

Don't these pictures make you want to rid yourselves of closets forever?? Okay, maybe that's slightly dramatic. But, they give me hope. Hope that my house will be beautiful even without closets to hide all of my stuff! Happy Wednesday!

21 April 2014

Germany:First Look at our House

It sure has been a while but now that I am here in Germany I hope to return to the blog world for good. I will be a stay at mom again so I will have a lot of time on my hands! I wanted to share some "First Look" pictures of the house we will be living in. They are finishing up renovations so we have to wait until May 1 to move in which is hard! We are so anxious! The pictures are not great as I just got a brand new cell phone and took them with that(not quite sure how to work it yet). But next time we see the house I will have my regular camera with me!
The house is located in Neusstrasburg, Germany. 2000sqft, 5 bedrooms, and 2 bathrooms. I'm swooning over this house just looking at the pictures again. It is so much more beautiful in person!

The house is on a decent size piece of land and will soon have a terrace off the back and a new patio/balcony off the front! On the hill is a Cow farm. Such a beautiful view!

You can't see but to the left is a big tub. Ahhh I love it!

We will definitely be getting grippers for the stairs as they are not made well for little feet!

I couldn't fit the whole kitchen in the picture. This kitchen is gorgeous and huge! I cannot wait to cook meals in it!!

Things will be changing on the blog. I cannot wait to update you on the progression of our home as well as all of our adventures here in Germany. I have missed this blog so much and am thrilled to be back!!!!

17 December 2013


Well Folks. I haven't forgotten about this blog. But with working full time, health issues, two kids, and a husband on night shift....I've been nothing short of busy. But we found out some super exciting news Sunday night!

After almost 5 years of living at my husband's first duty station we will be moving...to SPANGDAHLEM, GERMANY!!! I am so excited I've been squealing since we found out! I will be quitting my job at the end of January and we will be heading out in April! So here's to hopefully blogging again and to a life in a beautiful country!

10 October 2013


Three weeks post op from my tonsillectomy and here I am sick again. For a year now I have been getting sick about every other week. My body is weak. I'm exhausted 24/7 no matter how much sleep I get. I am young. I am or at least I thought I was healthy. I am in shape. So why? Why am I sick all of the time? Why am I always so tired? I really thought this surgery was going to solve my problems. I was excited to finally take my life back and start really living again. But here I am feeling awful and run down again. Zero energy. Zero motivation. Zero hope of feeling better.

So back to the Dr. I go next week.

19 September 2013

Well, hello

It has been a seriously long time since I have blogged. I started working full time a year ago and life has been non stop since then. Hubby was deployed from October to February. He has been home since he got back form deployment. Currently he is on night shift and I work days. Our kids got another year older. Little miss is now four and in preschool and little man is now two. They are growing so fast and I love every minute of it. My job is going so well. In one year I've had two raises and one promotion and as stressful as it is I just love it. It's a big change form staying home with the kids but I really enjoy it although I do miss them.

Things have overall been going really great for my family and I. My husband and I recently had a cruise just the two of us which was so wonderful. We also just celebrated our five year wedding anniversary.

Right now I am recovering from my tonsillectomy I had yesterday. Prior to surgery the Dr said it is a much harder recovery for adults than kids. I really didn't think it was going to be so bad but boy was I wrong. My jaw is sore and my throat is just in so much pain. They gave me strong pain meds and they don't seem to be helping much at all. I can't really chew because my jaw hurts and even swallowing water hurts. I've already dropped 3 pounds in two days. I'm pretty miserable but thankfully my husband is taking good care of me. Unfortunately, he has to go back to work on Monday though. I am hopefull that I will have a quick recovery although the dr told me it will take at least two weeks before I fell better. Hoping he's wrong.

26 March 2013

Marriage Equality and My Thoughts

Let me start this post by saying I have a very strong opinion on this but I do not plan on sharing either way what I feel.

So I get that people also share strong opinions and expressing them as great. Do I think changing your profile picture to either a plus sign or equal sign makes a difference.. Not entirely.. Do I think it just makes the problem worse? In some ways.

We live in the United States of America. A place where the freedom of opinions is rapid and we have the wonderful freedom of speech. We are all different. Some of us support gay marriage some of us don't. Some of us base out opinions on our religious beliefs while some base them on a loved one who just wants to marry their best friend.

I have seen so many posts from those who are in favor of gay marriage stating if you do not support it they will delete you from Facebook and from their life. This just saddens me. We talk about equality but yet only one side is aloud an opinion?

Everyone has an opinion. Everyone should be tolerant of those with differing opinions. There is no reason to unfriendly someone because they are different whether they are gay, straight, Christian, or atheist. I love my friends for who they are not because of they love. Does this mean I support gay marriage? Maybe, maybe not. The fact is I live my life they way I see fit and I keep my political views to myself. I will support what I think is right and I will not support what I disagree with.

Be your own person. Vote for what you believe in. But please don't ever dislike someone because they have a different political view then you. Because that is ignorant and well...unequal. We are all deserving of an opinion. Right or wrong.

27 November 2012

No Tears

Oh, the joys of facebook....a place where people flaunt their whole lives for others to see. I am a frequent facebook user on my personal account and enjoy reading updates from friends and family. I feel like I've been seeing a lot of sadness on facebook lately. Whether it be a lady who hasn't seen her boyfriend all day(gasp!) or someone whose spouse is deployed. I totally get how lonely these times are and how sad it can be.

BUT I must be in the minority...I'm not sad. I don't spend my nights crying into a glass of wine. My heart is not aching. I don't feel like I'm going to lose control at any moment. I'm not a basketcase.

OF COURSE, I miss my husband. BUT I am tough. I am strong. I am independent. I am making the best of the situation I've been dealt. Isn't that what you have to do?

I don't want to cry for 4 months. I want to make memories and have fun with my kids! So that is what we are doing. We are having movies nights with popcorn and hot cocoa. We are feeding giraffes at the zoo. We are going to the beach and building sandcastles. We are seeing drive inn movies. We are enjoying life and making a hard time into a great time!!

The way I look at it is that this is four months of just my kids and I. Four months of me bonding with them 24/7(except when I'm at work). And I'm LOVING it. My kids and I have gotten so much closer....and THAT is a positive. Our family does not feel complete but we are bonding and making memories the best way we know how. And there are no tears here...but there will be tears of joy in two months:)