23 April 2014

The No Closet Challenge

Good Morning from Germany!
The kids and I are stuck in a one bedroom apartment everyday while my husband is in-processing which means if the weather isn't nice the kids end up watching movies on the laptop while I search Pinterest and surf my favorite home decor blogs. So there is one little(big) problem in our new house. It has no closets. Did your jaw drop? Because mine did when the realization hit me. In our Florida house I had a HUGE walk in closet. So big that it even fit a dresser as well as several shoe racks and other storage essentials in it.

So I have been scouring the internet for ideas on how in the heck I am going to make this work for a family of four who has a lot of clothes. Something I have really been loving is garment racks. They can just be so chic when done right. Now this would not work for all of our clothes because that would just look messy. But maybe a garment rack paired with some German shranks(wooden closets/armoires). Then maybe I could hide it all behind a curtain? Or maybe we block off half the living room and make that a play room so we can make one of the bedrooms a dressing room? So many ideas. Well here are some of my inspirations  via pinterest...

Don't these pictures make you want to rid yourselves of closets forever?? Okay, maybe that's slightly dramatic. But, they give me hope. Hope that my house will be beautiful even without closets to hide all of my stuff! Happy Wednesday!

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