25 April 2014

My Music Idol

I'm sure I've talked about my favorite man before but given I didn't blog much in 2013 he deserves another post. If you've never heard the music stylings of Chris Carrabba you probably should. He was the lead man in a little group called Dashboard Confessional. He also fronted Further Seems Forever. Now, he his heading up a new band called Twin Forks. So different from anything he has done before and it is truly where is passion lies. Twin Forks is a little bit bluegrass and a lot of awesome! Take a listen...

And in honor of his new band...here are pictures from all of the times I seen him in concert and met him!

1. The very first time I saw Chris Carrabba I have zero pictures. It was my junior hear in high school and I saw him up in Michigan performing as Dashboard confessional back in 2005.
2. The second time was in college I saw him with my best friend, M, at the Newport Music Hall in Columbus. Waiting 9 hours to be front row. SCORE!

3. The next time I saw him was with M up in Michigan when I was about 5 months pregnant with Little Miss. Her first concert :)

4. Then I saw him in Florida at the House of Blues in Orlando  with my other best friend S. This concert is VERY memorable because when we were just a mile from my house(after driving over an hour home) we were hit by a drunk driver. It was terrible. But it brought us closer and the concert was amazing!

5. Fifth time was with S again at the Taste of Pinellas Festival in St. Petersburg, FL.  This was such a great show and we got to meet him for the first time! After five shows, I was so happy to finally get to talk with him. He is such a nice guy!

6. Then S and I saw him again at the Funshine Music Fest in Tampa at the State Fairgrounds. And we talked to him again.

7. Chris put out an album with Further Seems Forever and did a small tour. We saw them at The Social in Orlando. Another memorable show!

8. Then I saw him again at The Social in Orlando with A performing with Twin Forks! So so good!

Dying for him to do a European show so I can see him again!!

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