04 May 2015

Things are changin'

Kids are growing like weeds. Little Man turns four in less than 5 weeks and my Little Miss, well she isn't so little anymore. Only 1 month left of kindergarten and she just turned six on Tuesday. They are blossoming into the most beautiful little creatures. Kind hearted, sweet, and a little silliness. As they grow older I love them more and more and love the things I can do with them.

We have now lived in Germany for a little over a year. I love it. We all love it. Brantley attends German Kindergarten and has learned so much. He has even begun to sound like a German even when he speaks English. It is pretty funny but ultimately just awesome. We live in a small town with about 40 houses. Behind our house is a cow farm with about 15 cows and lots of little calves. When we first moved in before we got internet we would spend hours laying in our bed looking at the cows from our bedroom window. We even named them and gave them voices. 

Reflecting back over the last year, I am immensely grateful for getting to live here. This place is relaxing and peaceful. The scenery is breathtaking and more beautiful than words could begin to describe. Most days, I have to pinch myself because it truly is like living in a post card. 

Unfortunately, this time here will be coming to an end much faster than we had anticipated. We haven't told many people yet; just close friends and family. My husband is leaving the military on a medical retirement. He is happy about it which is good. His body is in pain and I am glad the military has finally diagnosed him and he can hopefully improve his quality of life with the help of medication s injections. He has been battling this for many years but it took them a long time to find out what was wrong.

And as far as me. I am just floating. Enjoying life. Soon, I get to decide what the next chapter for me means. But until then, it's a matter of tying up loose ends here and once again preparing for another international move.

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