27 November 2010

My World

{Little Miss is not a fan of pants...she always takes them off if she can}

My baby is my world. She is my happiness and my life would be pretty much nothing without her. She has struggled since the day she was born(you can read more about that here and here). Well I am proud to say after a long time a coming at the age of 19 months she is walking pretty much all the time. She took her first steps while my husband was deployed but didn't actually get the hang of walking until about a week or two ago. It has been so amazing to see her finally catch on! At her last doctor's appointment our wonderful pediatrician said that she did not need physical therapy because she was finally walking which was about the best news ever!! But, she does need speech therapy. She says mom and dada but that is about it. Sometimes she says other words but I don't think she actually knows their meanings and I'm not sure she really even knows what mom and dada mean to be honest...

Unfortunately, she has yet to start speech therapy due to our crazy unexpected financial issues. Right now only one of our cars can be driven legally because my husband's car needs a license plate and tags which will cost about $500 which we had until we had to rush to my inlaws for my Father in Law's open heart surgery(he is recovering great now :) ) and the power company messed up and we ended up paying a lot for it. So my husband takes the car to work and baby girl and I are stuck home. I feel horrible and guilty for having to put off her speech therapy when I know she so badly needs it but unfortunately there is nothing I can do at this point. Hopefully we are able to start it in January or February once we catch back up on our bills and makeup for all the lost money.

Now that I've told you all the bad stuff let me tell you a little about my baby girl. She has a smile that can melt anyone who sees her's heart and giggle that makes you laugh. She follows me everywhere and is my 'mini me'. Baby Girl is the sunshine in our sometimes dreary lives and she keeps my husband and I laughing for hours at a time. She loves hot wheels cars and playing in the mud. She has the most beautiful blue eyes I have ever seen and the chubbiest most kissable cheeks. If you can't tell just from this post...well she is pretty darn special to us and we can't imagine what our lives would be like without her.


  1. Baby Girl is adorable and I miss her (and you) so much! Have you ever thought about incorporating Baby Sign? It is quite valuable and despite what some nay-sayers believe, it can help with understanding and communicating. Here are a couple of good sites to get you started if you are interested. Love you dearly <3!

    - Pretty much amazing. This site even has printable flashcards, baby sign basics, how to get started, etc. VERY VALUABLE RESOURCE :)
    - ***MY FAVORITE, because it has an actual person signing it***
    - Talks about benefits, if it is even possible, etc.

    Let me know if you are interested in more or have any questions. Tell the hubster I say hello and give Little Miss a kiss from me. Miss you guys.

  2. I don't know which base/post you're at, but I'm almost positive there is a way around your current vehicle issues so you can get your baby to her therapy appointments. Please drop me an email through my profile & I'll do what I can to help (I'm also a military spouse).

  3. Hey lady to answer your question, I had family watch her this go around. We took turns who would stay in, if all the grownups wanted to do something then my younger cousins (13 and 17) stayed with her, if they wanted to go to something, I'd stay. This is mostly because babysitting on the ship we were on doesn't start until they are 1 year old and we are 2 months shy of that. Had we been able to, we would have used it. A few friends I had made on there had older babies and said they used the babysitting service everynight and loved it. Hope that helps a little!

  4. I found your blog and starting reading it as my husband will be joining the Army in March. I am not sure where you are living but I wanted to tell you about a program where your daughter can get speech therapy and the therapist will come to your house until she is 3 years old. The program is called Early Intervention. It is a program for children birth to three years old who have a developmental delay in one or more areas. It is a federal program and every state offers it. Your pediatrician should know about it. I work for this program in Virginia and my son was in it when he was younger. If you would like more information on this you can email me at jenna.strauss98@gmail.com. Not trying to tell you what to do just wanted to let you know of an option available to you.