16 August 2010

First Steps

This is a picture of me and precious little girl taken just a few days ago. I have some of the most exciting news to share with you all...as of Saturday night my baby girl took her first steps!!! I could not be more proud of her! We have been waiting for this moment for sometime now and I am so glad it is finally here! I just wish her daddy could have seen her but I guess that's just how it is when you marry a man in the military. They are bound to miss those important moments in life. Fortunately yesterday we got to skype with daddy and show him how she can take a few steps! It nearly brought tears to my eyes to see his face light up and his adorable smile when he saw his little girl take steps all by herself. If you've been reading my blog for a while you know how hard my little girl has had it. She was born with severe reflux which put her significantly behind in her mobility. When she was eight and a half months old she was still not sitting up so I had to take her to physical therapy twice a week for several months until daddy deployed when she was 1. Shortly after she turned 1 she began crawling on hands and knees as opposed to the sort of army crawl she was doing. And now at 15 months old she has taken her first steps! My little girl is growing up so fast that I can hardly believe it!

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