17 August 2010

How to Survive Deployment

As you all know, my husband's deployment is coming to an end with only one month left so I thought I would write a post letting all of you know how I survived this deployment and managed to keep a little of my sanity...

1)Keep busy. If you have kids, keep them busy too. Plan outings or just days in the backyard with a pool and toys. Try new restaurants you've never tried. Explore new places. Go visit friends and your hometown. Have friends come visit you. But DO NOT just sit at home.

2)Send care packages to your spouse. This kind of goes along with keeping busy. Plan special things for the care packages and bake lots of cookies or brownies to send. This will not only keep you busy but it will make you feel close to your spouse as well even though they are far away.

3)Get a pedicure. OR a massage, facial, nails done..etc...Sometimes a little pampering can turn a bad mood into a good one. YOU are working hard. You're a single parent. You're a spouse without your #1 supporter. You deserve it.

4)Get in shape. When my husband left I began my weight loss journey and I have to say it has helped me so much in this deployment. It kept my mind busy and gave me something to do. i used to hate running and over the course of this deployment I have began to love it. So get out there and get active. You will be so happy you did!!

5)Go out. Call your girlfriends. Get a babysitter. GO OUT and get a drink and dance or go see a movie. Do something fun.

6)Cuddle with someone. Cuddle with your kids, your dog, your cat, your mom, the bum down the street...someone. We have to go months without any affection from our spouse so a little cuddling with a pet, girl friend, or family member can make us feel so loved. So many nights I spent scooted up close with my mom or spooning with my dog on the couch.

7)Don't watch the news. If your spouse is in a war zone DO NOT watch the news. It will make you just worry even more.

8)Cry. Let it out. Scream if you have to. Let your emotions out. Go to a place of solitude and just let it out. Keeping things like this bottled up is not good for your body. A good cry goes a long way.

9)Begin a new adventure. Start a blog. Cook new foods. Read a book. Learn to crochet. Paint. Find a new hobby. These new things will bring some excitement into your life.

10)And last but not least...LOVE your spouse. Tell them you love them every chance possible. Send emails. Send letters. Tell them why you love them and what you miss about them. In a war zone or not your spouse is working hard and needs support so give it to them. Tell them how proud you are of them!

"Everything is gonna be alright, BE strong, BELIEVE"

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