16 August 2010

Weekly Weigh In And Donut

Alright, yet another week where I was extremely busy and had no time to update...well I'm sure you all understand how that goes!! Well this week I lost 2 pounds which brings my total weight loss to 22 pounds!! Now if I haven't mentioned this before I lost 8 pounds before starting the tracker you see above so that is why that's a little off. I am now 21 pounds away from my goal!! Goals for this week:
-Walk at least 3 mornings and run at least 4 nights
-Keep EVERY meal under 17g of fat and 300 calories
-Meet my 10% weight loss goal-153

It's so amazing to me to say that red part get smaller week after week!! I can remember the first time I posted this donut...It looked opposite of what it does now!! Only one month left!!!! I could just scream I'm so excited!!!

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