10 August 2010

Weekly Weigh In And Donut

Alright so I realize I haven't done this in two weeks. I was on vacation for a week and gained 7 pounds and wasn't too thrilled about it so I avoided updating until now....so here it is...my weigh in
Yesterday(I weigh in on Mondays), I weighed in at 158 which is a SIX pound weight loss for the week. 1 pound away from being where I was before vacation. Pretty darn happy about that even though I feel like I didn't do as good as I could this week I am sure glad the scale says otherwise!! This week I have a friend coming to visit so I'm sure I won't do too well but I am sure going to try! I was doing so good for so long but vacation really screwed it all up! Now to get back on track! Only 23 more pounds until I reach my goal! I CAN do this!!

And now to the donut...Getting better and better every time I post it : ) Not much longer now!!


  1. How did you make that wieght loss tracker? It's such a good idea!

  2. I'm taking a pill called Alli and it requires me to check in every week with a new weight and that tracker is from their website:)