06 August 2010

Happily Ever After

From the day I was a little girl I dreamed of being in a poofy white dress, a tiara, and a veil walking down the aisle to my handsome man waiting at the end. I dreamed of Saturdays sleeping in as my kids and husband brought me breakfast in bed. I dreamed of having enough money for a nice house and nice things but not being rich...I dreamed of my fairy tale and my prince charming.

Well life happened and didn't go exactly as I had planned. One thing I had always said when I was young was that I would NEVER date or marry a military man because I had seen how much my Air Force uncle was away from his family but here I am a military wife with a deployed spouse.

Point is, life never turns out to be what we want but we learn to make the best of it and take whatever life throws at us. Marriage is not easy...whether you waited 5 years before you got married or knew each other for three months. Just because you have fights doesn't mean you should give up when the going gets tough. I think it's easier for women to put their hearts into marriage and we expect so much from men but unfortunately men think differently than us BUT that is no excuse for a man not to fight for the women he loves. Flowers are not a waste of money. And putting on makeup and looking nice for when your man gets home from work is not a bad thing. It's the little things in a relationship that show you care for the other person and it's the big things you do that keep the relationship strong. It's hard being away from a spouse when problems arise but there is always something you can do to show you care...even from miles and miles away. Love letters for one are something so easy and sweet and a simple letter from the heart can turn so much pain into happiness. Marriage is supposed to be forever and we are supposed to be patient and fight for love. Love is a choice not just a feeling and once you make the choice of loving someone forever it is your job to maintain that love and help it to grow and flourish.

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