11 May 2011

Strength in a 2 Year Old

I know I've talked many times about Little Miss and her developmental delays but if you've missed those posts then I'll give you a little background. From birth Little Miss suffered from severe reflux.  She literally threw up everything she ate until around 12 months old. We tried medicine after medicine and took her to specialists and had tests done with no explanation of why she was having this and with no help to her. It was awful. At six months old she should have been sitting up on her own but was not. At 8 months old she still was not sitting up unassisted so her doctor had us start physical therapy. She did physical therapy until 12 months old and at 12 months...began crawling and pulling up to standing. She walked at 18 months...and now at 2 years old she is hardly talking. She is smart and understands everything we say to her but she just can't talk back other than a few words and some jibberish. These past two years have been such an emotional journey. Nobody wants to hear that their child is nothing less than perfect because as her mamma...that's how I see her...perfect. I worry about her because I know she is behind and it just breaks my heart to see her get so frustrated at not being able to communicate with me. We thought the initinal delays were due to her severe reflux(she wouldn't do tummy time because her tummy was always bothering her) but now with her not talking there has to be another reason...

Yesterday she had her two year old well baby visit with the doctor. Her doctor is an awesome man and has been a great support since the beginning. He cares about Little Miss as much as I do and we are a team when it comes to her health. He, like I am, is proud the progress she's made but also is worried about her speech delay. We decided we need to figure out if there is something more serious causing these delays so after she had to get her Hep A shot I took her to the lab for a blood test. She has never had her blood taken before and it was hard to watch her sweet little arm get poked. She is a trooper though. She whimpered a little when the needle went in but sat there still. When they took the band off of her arms and were about to take the needle out is when she began to cry. When it was out...she stopped and was fine. I thought for sure she would be a wreck and I pictured myself having to hold her down. Instead she sat calmly on my lap and hardly cried. She was also very good when she had her shot. I am one proud mamma. She is such a strong little girl. The blood test is to test her kidneys, liver, thyroid, and iron levels. We should get a call with the results today or tomorrow and will go from there. I am scared and worried but happy to know we are taking steps to find out what is causing all of this. I want to find out now and get it taken care of and treated so that she can have an easier and better life. I hate to see her struggle. She is my precious little angel and her daddy and I love her so much.

Please say a prayer for my Little Miss.


  1. I hope you find some answers, and that it is something simple. We are going through a lot of testing with my little Bug because she is so small and no one knows why.
    My thoughts and prayers are with you.

  2. I will keep you guys in my prayers. She is such a strong little girl.

  3. no matter what happens she will always be perfect! don't ever think she isn't! stay strong!

  4. I will keep you in our prayers too :) I had to take my boy to a neurologist at 4 mos because of a startle reflex he still had that made it impossible to sleep on his back. They did an MRI and drew blood and found 2 cysts in his brain. They also told me they were concerned with C.P. He was put in early intervention therapy (speech, occupational, and speech) and now he is a happy, healthy, BRIGHT 3 y.o. Stay positive, and remember that sometimes our babies need a little extra push in the right direction. It doesn't make them imperfect. It makes them strong, and it makes you a wonderful mom to find the answers for her so she can get the little push now before it can affect her later :)