16 February 2011

Bedroom Decor & Bellies

Alright, I have done a little updating in our bedroom although won't be able to do much more until I get our tax return money(if I ever get my W2 in the mail that is!). First, for those of you who missed it before...here is the before picture:
 and the AFTER picture:
 The purple coverlet is supposed to just be an accent color but since I still have the ugly duvet cover and sheets from the before picture I am using the converlet to cover it up. I am still in search of the perfect duvet cover or comforter. Once I find it the coverlet will be neatly folded at the end of the bed as an accent color. Color of our room: Light blue(because I'm pregnant and can't paint the walls), Silver, & Dark purple.
I have found one comforter set that I love but it is pretty pricey. This is my first choice that is oh so expensive
Beautiful right? I love all of the different fabrics put together. Now here are more pictures of our bedroom in it's current state.
 Mirror decal above bed- $9.99 @ Home Goods
Dark Purple Accent Pillows- $8.00 & $12.00 @ Home Goods
White/Silver Sequin Accent Pillow- $9 on clearance(reg 49.99) at Kohls

 Mirrored Night Stands- $80 for both on craigslist
Dark Purple Coverlet- $50 on sale/coupons @ Kohls(reg 149.99)
Lamps- $29.99 each @ TJ Maxx
Silver Mirror- Free -Repainted by me and from my mom's house
From the After picture there is a tan/light blue paisley bench(opens for storage) I also got from Home Goods for $69 on clearance. So there it is my huge work in progress.
-silvery romantic bedding
-fancy patterned chair

and now...onto my belly :) This picture was taken yesterday at 6 months/24 weeks & 1 day along:
(Face blurred for privacy reasons. CLICK HERE to find out why)

Happy Wednesday Everyone!


  1. Your room looks great! And so do you! I hope things are going well =]

  2. Your bedroom is so cute! Love the colors!

  3. Hi! I'm a new follower & love your blog.
    I want those lamps and nightstands! great find.
    We found our duvet cover at ikea, if you haven't looked you should.. they usually have tons of options and reasonable prices. good luck with the rest of your remodeling :)

  4. ps- found you from MilSpouse :)