17 February 2011

A Good Day & Some Pregnancy Fashion!

Guess who finally had a good day yesterday....THIS GIRL DID!! Last night my husband treated me and Little Miss to dinner at Outback Steakhouse(we never went to dinner on vday...he acted like it was just another day unfortunately). When we got home we put Little Miss to bed and I began a search for maternity clothes online, more specifically, a dress and jeans. I started on Oldnavy.com because I had a gift card which I ended up using on one tunic for myself and five adorable things for Little Miss(HUGE baby clothes sale at oldnavy.com). Then out of curosity I checked Motherhood Maternity(motherhood.com) and found these babies:
 Loved By Heidi Klum Under Belly Super Stretch Slim Leg Maternity Jeans

Secret Fit Belly 5 Pocket Boot Cut Maternity Jeans

Hot jeans, right? I only have two pairs of maternity jeans and one pair is cute but baggy because I lost all of that weight this past summer and the other pair is a pair of skinny jeans from Old Navy which I LOVE!! Motherhood Maternity has an awesome sale right now on clearance(Buy One Get One Free) so I got those two pairs of jeans for forty bucks plus tax and shipping! Not bad at all :) Now let me show you the adorable tunic I got at Old Navy...


um cute right? Yeah, you can see I'm pretty excited! I am still searching for a cute summer dress to wear. So this Saturday my wonderful friend is babysitting Little Miss that me and Hubby can go on a date. I got us tickets to a comedy show for only $4.82(front row!!) for both tickets with an awesome coupon code they emailed me. After the show I think we're going to head to a piano bar for a little bit. I miss my husband. We're in the same house but I miss being close to him and I am so looking forward to have some time with just him. I love Little Miss but we have not had a date in over a year and this is well needed. I will miss her like crazy though!!! Things are going a little bit better as you can tell but it's going to take time for my heart to heal and for my husband and I work through problems. Things are still pretty rocky but there are days like yesterday where things feel good. Financially we are doing okay too which is GREAT and a huge stress lifted. We sold one of our jet ski's and my husband is buying a motorcycle so I finally will have the car while he's at work which is a huge thing. I am so sick of not having the car and being stuck in this house all of the time. 

So there's an update for you all and I hope you all have a great Thursday!  

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