17 February 2011

Welcome to the Mommy World

When I held her for the first time I was in love. A love so unconditional and overwhelming. A love that completely consumed every bit of me. A love so strong, so unbelievable...I had never experienced a love like this. Her beautiful big eyes looking up at me was all it took for me to change, to grow up. She changed my world with just one look. I could not believe that just a few hours before she had been inside of my belly kicking. At 11:54pm on April 28, 2009 an angel was born. An angel so small but with such power. She was born and immediately loved by so many. She was born to change the world and to melt the hearts of many. When I looked in her eyes I could not believe she was mine and I got to love her my whole life. A little hand I get to hold and guide and a mind I get to mold and help learn.

The day I became a mom is the day I learned what love was. It truly is the best and most amazing job on the planet. Even on Little Miss' worst days I still love her more than anything and would not change one thing about her. She is perfect in my eyes. She is loving and sweet. She has a sense of humor and loves to laugh. She has the biggest blue eyes that can make even the toughest of hearts melt. This little girl is my whole world and I would do anything for her. I loved her from the time I discovered she was growing in my belly and my love only grows as each day passes. As she grows this love will too and there is nothing she could do to make me stop loving her. My love for her is unconditional.

Now, I have a handsome little boy growing in my belly. When I read the two lines on that little white stick I was so worried and guilty. How could I take attention from my precious little girl? How would I share this amazing love I have for her with another child? It was when I saw his face on that 4D ultrasound at 20 weeks along that I knew I had been given more love to share and that it would all be okay. I saw his precious face and I already loved him with the same unconditional and overwhelming love I have for Little Miss. This love consumes me. Every kick, my love for him grows. I just cannot wait for the day to hold that handsome little man in my arms and know that he too is all mine forever :)

As moms, we give up a lot for our kids but we do it without complaint. We are selfless and give everything we have of ourselves to our kids. I like to think moms are similar to those in the military. We have signed our lives away and we are always on call. When duty calls we answer, whether it's to wipe a poopy butt or clean up puke we do it because we love our kids. Our job never ends and sometimes we work long hours and overnight. The difference? People in the military get money as their pay but us moms, we are paid in smiles, giggles, and hugs. When we feel our weakest a smile or an "I wuv you mommy" is all it takes to re-charge us.

We are warriors, loving, spit up covered warriors.

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  1. I love you, darling!! You are an AMAZING mommy!!!!!