14 November 2010

Disclaimer:I do not exist.

Okay okay so I do exist and I am a real person. This topic is something I've wanted to address since the beginning of my blog. Many of you have left comments about a post asking for pictures of me and my family. If you haven't already taken notice, every picture on my blog is faceless. Either I cut our heads out or they are pictures of our back sides. I have posted one profile picture of my daughter with her eyes closed but that's about the closet to a face picture of any of us you will see, when I started my blog I wanted to be competely anonymous-so much so I didn't plan on letting any of my friends or family know about it. I did that for a little while but eventually decided to let the world of facebook know about my blog. Some of you know me on a personal level and know my real name first and last while the majority of you have no idea what I look like or what my name is. Privacy on the Internet is a big thing for me. I want to be able to be free to talk about what I want without someone trying to find out who I am. I also want to protect myself and my family from any danger that could come of posting ourselves on the Internet. Our facebook profiles are completely private. So, with all of that said I want to say that everything you read that I post is real. Just because I choose to remain anonymous to those who don't know me does not mean I fake anything I post. This blog is as real as I get even if there is no face or name. I hope you all understand my reasoning and are accepting of this. It's not easy not showing off my beautiful baby girl and my handsome hubby;)

Thank you everyone for reading this and hopefully understanding! I love all of my readers so much!! Shoot me an email anytime at hewearscombatboots@gmail.com

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  1. I completely understand! You have to protect your family! I hope people aren't giving you a hard time about this. Pictures and faces aren't everything.