26 March 2013

Marriage Equality and My Thoughts

Let me start this post by saying I have a very strong opinion on this but I do not plan on sharing either way what I feel.

So I get that people also share strong opinions and expressing them as great. Do I think changing your profile picture to either a plus sign or equal sign makes a difference.. Not entirely.. Do I think it just makes the problem worse? In some ways.

We live in the United States of America. A place where the freedom of opinions is rapid and we have the wonderful freedom of speech. We are all different. Some of us support gay marriage some of us don't. Some of us base out opinions on our religious beliefs while some base them on a loved one who just wants to marry their best friend.

I have seen so many posts from those who are in favor of gay marriage stating if you do not support it they will delete you from Facebook and from their life. This just saddens me. We talk about equality but yet only one side is aloud an opinion?

Everyone has an opinion. Everyone should be tolerant of those with differing opinions. There is no reason to unfriendly someone because they are different whether they are gay, straight, Christian, or atheist. I love my friends for who they are not because of they love. Does this mean I support gay marriage? Maybe, maybe not. The fact is I live my life they way I see fit and I keep my political views to myself. I will support what I think is right and I will not support what I disagree with.

Be your own person. Vote for what you believe in. But please don't ever dislike someone because they have a different political view then you. Because that is ignorant and well...unequal. We are all deserving of an opinion. Right or wrong.

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  1. Welcome back, Ms. High Heels. You and your writing have been missed! You are lived and I appreciate you sharing your perspective!