19 September 2013

Well, hello

It has been a seriously long time since I have blogged. I started working full time a year ago and life has been non stop since then. Hubby was deployed from October to February. He has been home since he got back form deployment. Currently he is on night shift and I work days. Our kids got another year older. Little miss is now four and in preschool and little man is now two. They are growing so fast and I love every minute of it. My job is going so well. In one year I've had two raises and one promotion and as stressful as it is I just love it. It's a big change form staying home with the kids but I really enjoy it although I do miss them.

Things have overall been going really great for my family and I. My husband and I recently had a cruise just the two of us which was so wonderful. We also just celebrated our five year wedding anniversary.

Right now I am recovering from my tonsillectomy I had yesterday. Prior to surgery the Dr said it is a much harder recovery for adults than kids. I really didn't think it was going to be so bad but boy was I wrong. My jaw is sore and my throat is just in so much pain. They gave me strong pain meds and they don't seem to be helping much at all. I can't really chew because my jaw hurts and even swallowing water hurts. I've already dropped 3 pounds in two days. I'm pretty miserable but thankfully my husband is taking good care of me. Unfortunately, he has to go back to work on Monday though. I am hopefull that I will have a quick recovery although the dr told me it will take at least two weeks before I fell better. Hoping he's wrong.

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  1. Congratulations on the raise, promotion, and the 5 year anniversary. I wish I had the time to go out on a cruise just like you guys.