19 February 2012

Vacation ideas?

It has been decided that I NEED a vacation. Not just want but NEED. I love my kiddos more than anything but I need a break and a vacation with my husband. Just us. No kiddos. Thanks to the military this is incredibly difficult. My husband is putting in for cross training and there is a deployment he could potentially be on in April. So between possibly going to tech school or deploying there is no way we can book anything. My mom has already offered to babysit so we can take off but it has to be after july and after I stop breastfeeding of course....I'm a little nervous about going without the kids as I'm with them pretty much 24/7 but I know I need a break with my husband. We need some time to just be with each other.

So..what we really want to do is take a 4 day cruise. We live in a place where we could drive to a port...well we actually only live like 25 minutes to a port but would need to drive a couple hours to a different port to go on a 4 day cruise as the ones here are 7 days.

My question to you is what do you recommend for a fairly inexpensive vacation? What kinds of places have you been to? How do you get discounts when vacationing? How about coping with going without your kids?

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