21 February 2012


When cars are deemed lemons it means they're bad. Well, what about when friends are Lemons?

I believe strongly that all people, like cars start out good. Until they give you reason to think they are not. They stop working properly and 'stall' on you. Then they become deemed lemons.

I have met way to many lemons. I want a real friend. Someone who is honest. I want a friendship that isn't just when it's convenient for them but a friendship that is 24/7. A lot of the woman I've met here seem to think I'm an idiot and treat me as such. They think they can lie and I will believe them but guess what...I am actually very smart...shocker I know...

I wish the lemons would just stay out my life and stop pretending to be wonderful people. I cannot wait to move away from this base and find people who respect and love me for everything that I am.

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