27 December 2011

Crazy Crazy

Wow, my last post was on December 8th. My apologies. Sometimes it seems life gets ahead of me and unfortunately my blog suffers.

Well, on December 14th my husband had his long awaited(like 3 years waited) hip surgery. One my friends watched Little Miss while Little Man and I took husband to the hospital. He had to be there by 11am and his surgery took a few hours itself. His surgery was over by about 5:30 or so then he spent about two hour sin recovery before they told us we could go home. He was feeling very and and very out of it when they told us we could go and come to find out he was actually supposed to stay at the hospital overnight but oh well...we survived. I am so thankful for my friend R, who watched Little Miss. She kept her all day then brought Little Miss as well as dinner for us home after I got Husband situated on the couch. She is such a wonderful friend and I'm going be so sad when she PCS's to England in less than a month.

The first two weeks were the hardest because my husband was confined to the couch and couldn't do much of anything so I had the kids 24/7 by myself except I also had to take care of my husband. It was rough and I was so sleepy. Now, in week 3, I am feeling a little more rested and my husband is more able to help with kids although he is still in pain. He is now able to walk without crutches but limps very badly. Sometimes he uses one crutch when he is in a lot of pain.

Things have been pretty crazy around my house with his surgery and then Christmas sneaking up on us. Our Christmas ended up being pretty great and I am so thankful for everything we received as well as the things we were able to provide for our children and each other. I wasn't going to list what I got but I do want to give a special shoutout to my husband for giving me a kindle!! I've been wanting a kindle for a long time as I'm kind of a huge bookworm. I wanted just the normal one as the reason for getting it is to read books.. not surf the web and watch movies and my husband listened to me and got exactly what I wanted. His gift hasn't arrived yet but will be here today thankfully and I am so excited for him to get it. We spoiled our kids a bit(although we didn't spend a lot because I am AWESOME at finding deals) and they loved everything. My favorite gift we got was Little Miss' kitchen. It's something as a family we have played with since she opened it and I am loving that so much!

We were sad to not be surrounded by family on Christmas but we are thankful to have my husband home. I cooked a Turkey as well as sides and we enjoyed a delicious Christmas dinner just the four of us. We've been doing a lot of relaxing and playing since Christmas and it has been wonderful.

I have so many more things to tell you all but will save them for another day! I hope you all had a great Christmas! I am really looking forward to New Years as it will be the first one Husband and I have spent together since right after we got married. :)

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  1. I hope he heals quickly and is not in pain too long. I had hip surgery when I was almost 16 to fix stretched ligaments (I think). It was such a long recovery. I can't imagine trying to heal up while chasing kids around and having real responsibilities! Merry Christmas.