27 December 2011

Good News

In two weeks our family is heading back to my home state:) I have not been back since July of 2010 and I am so excited! We found SUPER CHEAP plane tickets and my dad paid for the time being(we are paying him back). It was only $292 round trip for all of us. So that's three plane tickets since Little Miss is over 2 years she has to have her own seat but Little Man is a lap child...so 3 round trip tickets for 292....awesome!

I am just out of control excited right now. I miss my friends and family. I miss my favorite chinese restaurant. I miss my old church. I miss my high school. I miss it all and I cannot wait to be back to my roots. It's been a long time and I am so ready to go back!

Next on the agenda...to find someone to drive us to and pick us up from the airport as well as find someone to watch our dog for a week...hmm...

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