13 November 2011

Different & Beautiful

She's Different...and Beautiful just the way she is. My Little Miss is who I'm talking about of course. She is a different little girl. She is NOT your normal two and a half year old. She prefers quiet time to play time. She prefers to be by herself then with other kids. She would much rather sit and read a book then watch tv.

This weekend four of my friend's kids had birthday parties(one party was a set of twins). So 3 parties in two days. It was a a lot for my kids but we had so much fun. Today the party was at this place where they have all inflatable things like slides, obstacle courses, and bounce houses. I was so excited to take Little Miss. I couldn't wait to play with her there! Well, she wasn't too thrilled. She kept to herself. She didn't want to play much. She chose to play with a colored plastic ring(sort of like a hula hoop) instead of on all of the fun stuff around her. This is Little Miss. She was overwhelmed with all of the kids and noise. The occupational therapist said that this behavior is most likely due to a sensory issue.

I love my quiet Little Miss. I was a little sad she didn't want to go down the slides over and over or go through the obstacle course.

But there Little Miss and I sat in the middle of the noise and craziness...playing with a colored ring. I love my Little Miss. Just the way she is.


  1. Being a Mama is definitely about accepting our kids where they are at and how they come to us! Of course we can do things to help them, but most important of all is to love them as they are. We are facing some issues with our youngest and trying to get a diagnosis, it can be scary and frustrating. But I have to tell myself every day how much I just LOVE this little person, no matter what and that he is in fact PERFECT just the way he is. :) Thanks for sharing this, I needed to read this today.

  2. I love this. What makes them unique like that makes them so special! Millie's the same way with books- quite the bookworm for only 1 year old. :)