14 November 2011

That Old Machine

That old machine has seen so much in it's life. This machine was my mom's and has now been passed down to me. I can remember my mom sewing all of our Halloween costumes. She always took so much time to makes us look our best. She made amazing costumes! Everything from a ladybug, to an M&M, to a bear, etc etc...

She also made pillows and curtains. She sewed so much and made such a beautiful creations. From a young age I loved sewing. She taught me to hand stitch and to embroider. One night I had one of my best girl friends over for a sleepover. My mom took us to the fabric store and let us pick out fabric. When we got home she helped us makes pajamas for ourselves as well as for our teddy bears. We stayed up until 3am sewing and it is one of those childhood memories I will never forget.

As I got older she continually taught me how to use this machine and now that I am a mom she decided to pass it down to me. This machine sewed over 20 years of home decor items, halloween costumes, and pajamas and now will get to sew more memories for my kids. 

My first task was Little Miss' Halloween Costume and today I finished a paci clip for Little Man using some clearance grey and white houndstooth fabric.

 I am so excited to be using the machine my mom used all my life and look forward to the many things I can make with it.

Do you have an item that has been passed down in your family?


  1. That is awesome! I "sense" a new division for your Etsy Shop, hehe! That is absolutely AWESOME!

    In my family, they have not passed anything down....traditions, etc. Oooh...but when my mom's parents downsized their home and they were getting rid of things I received two ceramic statues my grandmother had hand-painted, a box full of various acrylic and puff paint, and an old (antique?) amber-yellow glass cake plate.

    I am one of the most artistic and creative charged grandchildren and my grandmother is super artsy and creative. Plus, you know my love for cake decorating. So...not exactly a tradition by a lovely sentiment.

  2. That's so exciting! :) I would love to learn to use my machine.