12 October 2011

Update on Little Miss and Little Man

So today the kids and I spent the day at the doctor's for appointments. First up was Little Man for his four month checkup and shots. He's hardly gained any weight in two months but the doctor wasn't concerned because he is eating plenty and is quite chunky. He did get taller though:) Overall she said he's healthy and development wise is right wear he needs to be.

Next was Little Miss. This appointment was a follow up for her speech therapy to see how she's doing. Her pediatrician had me fill out a questionnaire based on her age. It went over everything from fine motor skills to occupational. When I was done he scored it and she failed her fine motor skills but excelled in communication(except the obvious speech of course) as well as understanding. She was in the middle with occupational. Well her pediatrician is referring her to to see Developmental Pediatrician, someone who specializes in developmental delays in children. I am excited to hopefully get some answers but it will take a while to get an appointment as there aren't many Developmental Pediatricians in the country. When I got home I looked online to see if there is one where we live and there is so hopefully we will get referred to that one so we don't have to travel too far. In addition to that he also wants her to start physical therapy and occupational therapy. He said she may not need the occupational therapy but he wants her to at least get evaluated by an OT. She also must continue the speech therapy, of course. So that's it. That's our updates. I am thrilled to be getting her more help and to hopefully get some answers but this is all so emotionally draining and stressful. I love my baby girl and in my head she is perfect. I just want the best for her and I am afraid she will still be behind when she start school. I just want to get her the help she needs now, while she is young.

Please keep Little Miss in your prayers.

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  1. Glad to hear on the progress, sending love, prayers and support. Love you.