11 October 2011

31 Days of Love Day 11: My Family

This is sort of an about me for my family. It's what I love about us all and what makes us who we are in a few short sentences:)

He is the breadwinner and works so hard for us. He loves cars and motorcycles and anything with an engine. He is extremely smart and can fix just about anything. He loves the outdoors and is a country boy. Hunting, four wheel riding & mudding are just a few of his favorite hobbies. He is sensitive and loving. He is the best dad in the world to our kids. He will do anything to make them laugh. He lives life to the fullest, loves spontanuity, and is willing to do almost anything once. He is also extremely handsome. just sayin. :)

{The Misses/Me/Mamma/Cook/Crafter/Baker/Taxi Driver/Maid/Blogger/Fashionista}
Okay so I gave myself a lot of names. oh well. I am a complex person. I am deep as the ocean and very emotional. I'll be the first to admit that I am overly sensitive. The only bones in my body are creative ones and the only teeth in my mouth are sweet. I am always cooking, baking, or crafting. I love to read and drink wine. I love bubble baths and being silly. The beach is where I feel most like myself and my favorite place. I am strong willed and hard headed. I love with all my heart. I have a passion for doing makeup. It is wearable art for your face. My number 1 role is mamma. I am always with my kids and hate being away from them. Everything I do is for them.

{Jasmine/Dog/Fur Baby/Furry Sister}
Jas was our first baby. We got her when I was six months pregnant with Little Miss while Husband was still in tech school. She is small but mighty weighing in at only 15lbs. She is my shadow and the only time she leaves my side it to play with or cuddles with the kids or to bark at a noise outside. She is always watching over the kids and I. She is sweet and loving. She is also extremely playful. If you throw a ball she will fetch it. Over. And over. And over...for hours..and hours. She is patient and puts up with a lot. Little Miss is rough with Jas and Jas just takes it. She loves my kids like they are hers.

{Little Miss/Baby Girl/Daughter/Mini Me/Sissy}
Blonde hair, blue eyed, beauty. She is 2 going on 16. She rolls her eyes and sasses me daily. She is packed full of attitude but is the sweetest girl. She is always giving hugs and kisses. She loves to read books and play outside. She would much rather be outside then watch tv. She is my little helper and know hows to start the dishwasher and laundry. She is my shadow #2. She follows me everywhere and imitates everything I do and say. Her smile brings joy to everyone who comes in contact with her and her giggles melt hearts. She is precious in every way and the girliest of girls. As girly as she is she loves riding fourwheelers.

[Little Man/Baby Man/Bubba/Bubby/Son]
Dark hair, dark eyes, and the chubbiest cheeks you've ever seen. This little guy is a heartbreaker at only 4 months old. He smiles all the time and hardly every gets upset. He is chill and laid back. He is a go with the flow kind of kid. He is a mamma's boy but thinks his daddy is the funniest thing ever. He was born with a mohawk and that hair still will not stay down. He looks just like Husband. He loves to read books and watch sissy. He loves when mamma sings to him and to dance around the kitchen. He is a huge flirt. He is a chunky little guy but by far the most handsome little man.

So there you have it. My family. I am so blessed.