10 October 2011

31 Days of Love Day 10: Sweet As Sugar

I love to bake. I guess it's something about the process of working hard to have a beautiful and tasty end result. I also have about 50 sweet teeth in my mouth. Baked goods are my weakness. So today I baked about 4 dozen cookies. Tonight is open house at the chorus I sing in...which I guess I should mention this first...

About 2 months ago I went searching online for barbershop woman's chorus where I live. I have loved barbershop music since high school and had an internationally known barbershopper as my choir director in high school. Singing is my passion and barbershop is the one genre of music I excel in. So, I began a google search and found a small Sweet Adeline's chorus that meets Monday nights only about 10 minutes from house. I passed my audition and am loving singing with this chorus. It has been a true blessing to be able to sing one night a week. I love it! Well our chorus is going in a new direction starting with a new name and a new director and tonight is our open house! 

Well I volunteered to bake cookies for tonight which is what these cookies are for. I tried to make them halloween themed. They may not be the prettiest cookies but they taste heavenly:) I got the recipe for the cookies and the frosting here. Now....the pictures...
[The dough]

[after baking]

[all done!]

Just like with baking, life takes work to have the sugary, sweet reward we call happiness. We can't just expect to be happy and to love our life. So I am taking strides in loving my life in every aspect. Singing, organizing & baking are just a few of things I'm doing. 

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