05 October 2011

31 Days of Love Day 3:Simplify

This is Little Miss. Little Miss loves to swing. It brings her so much joy. Kids have such a carefree and easy outlook on life. Everything is simple to them. They are happy when they play and sad when they can't. They have a beautiful innocence. They don't care about money and they don't have to work. Everything is easy.

When we were at the park over the weekend I was stressed out. I hadn't heard from my husband in a few days and was worried sick. I was checking my phone 100x hoping to hear from him. I had a hard time just letting go to have fun with my kids because I was such a wreck emotionally. 

That's when I noticed the pure, genuine, joy on Little Miss' face while she was swinging. Little Miss hadn't seen her daddy or talked to him either but she could enjoy herself so why I couldn't I? That's when I realized I need to simplify my life. I need to not stress things I can't control. I need to swing...and enjoy it. I need to let go and relax a little. I need to enjoy life the way my kids enjoy life.


  1. It is hard to live in the moment and just be content and happy. I think realizing that you need to is half of the battle though.