05 October 2011

31 Days of Love Day 4: Getting rid of Clutter

I have two kids in diapers, a dog, and a husband..my house is rarely spotlessly clean. I have never been a super organized person although since I had my kids I have learned to have my house pretty clean but I still have areas that are cluttered. They are out of site but still drive me crazy.

I have ADHD and have since I was a kid although I was not officially diagnosed until senior year of high school. When I was a kid my mom and I would organize my room really nicely before the school started. I always loved having it organized. We would label everything and make sure there is a place for all of my stuff. I also would organize and color code all of my school supplies.

Well a few months into school my room would start to get messy and my desk at school and/or locker would as well. That is when my grades would start to drop and when my homework would stop getting turned in. That is also the point when my mom would meet with my teachers and have a conference about me and my lack of focus and motivation. It was like every time my things were messy I would do bad in school. Welcome to the world of ADHD...

In my adult life I have areas like my giant walk in closet or my filing cabinet that get super messy and cluttered. That is when I start to get lazy with other aspects of my life and begin to get stressed out and moody. When my house is spotlessly organized and clean then I am happier.

This past weekend I cleaned out my pantry and began cleaning out my walk in closest. My closet is seriously huge. I could probably fit a dresser as well as a makeup table in there. So because it's big it's just more space to make messy. I am trying to get rid of the mess and de-clutter my house as well as my life. I can't wait for my house to be the way I like it and intend on posting pictures. I sort of wish I had taken before pictures but then I would be embarrassed to show all of you.

So, I will continue this month to de-clutter and get rid of junk I don't need...because all of that "stuff" doesn't matter and I want to love my house.

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  1. WAHOO!!!! I am looking forward to the organization pictures! Let me know if you need ideas. Love you, Mrs. Stilettos! ;-)