19 September 2011


This post brought to you by UPromise. All opinions are 100% mine.

Upromise is something I started using a long time ago. Basically, by eating at certain restaurants, grocery shopping, and shopping online you can save money for college! It really is a great idea and has helped so many. Well, their tenth anniversary is here and they are giving away $20,000 to one grand prize winner and $1,000 to 10 winners!! In order to enter all of you have to do is go to their dreamwall at www.upromisetodream.com and submit a story that tells how a parent has supported a child's dream. I submitted a story about when I used to Volunteer at a non profit back in my homestate. I wrote about a little girl who was brought hear from a third world country. Her parents let her come here so she could get medical  care and attend American schools through high school to help her achieve her dream of having an education and one day having a career.

You can vote for you favorite stories by "liking" them. So go submit your story and join upromise:) because who doesn't want a super easy way to save for college? 

I would love to hear any stories you have so leave them here as a comment as well as submitting them for the contest.

dream wall official rules

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