20 September 2011

Date Night

If you didn't know already September 12 was my husband and I's 3rd wedding anniversary. After everything we've been through I thought this to be a big accomplishment and we both really wanted a fun night to celebrate. About a month ago we decided on Sept 17th for our date night and I asked one of my best friends(and one of only two people I trust to watch my kids here) to babysit. She agreed and for weeks we both tried to come up with fun things to do. About two weeks before Date Night we found out our planned night was also the night of the Air Force Ball. We opted not to go to the ball and continue our scheduled date night because honestly who would rather be dressed up being fancy at a boring ball when you could be in jeans feeling the wind in your hair on a motorcycle? You don't have to answer that. We all know what you would choose:)

We spent a lot of time coming up with things to do. We debated everything from a drive in movie to going to the beach. We even seriously debated about going to see Lion King 3D because we're both kind of big kids at heart :) Eventually a decision had been made...we would take husband's motorcycle and make the plans as we go.

Saturday came and I nearly cried as I said goodbye to my kiddos. It's always hard leaving them. Especially since Little Man is only 4 months old. Once I walked out the door there was studly man on a motorcycle waiting for me and I hopped on the back. We headed to a Mexican restaurant we had never been to(I had a coupon hehe) and enjoyed some VERY yummy Mexican food. It is definitely our new Mexican restaurant of choice. I indulged in a delicious strawberry margarita as I starred across the table at my sexy husband. We laughed and talked and ate until our bellies were full. We hopped back on the motorcycle and headed to a country club for line dancing lessons. After an hour of making fools of ourselves we went downtown right on the water to a piano bar where we laughed even more and sang our hearts out. By 10:30 we were both yawning and decided it was time to head back and be adults again and at 11 we walked in, said goodbye to the babysitter, and passed out into bed.

It was a fun filled night where I actually got to feel 22 years old again. I missed my babies the whole time but it was so wonderful to just have fun with my husband. We had not went on a date since February so this was much needed.

The only downfall was leaving my kids. The fact that Little Man had to have a bottle of breast milk rather than the real thing made me sad...that probably sounds stupid to most but he has only had two other bottle before Saturday and I just like knowing I'm the one feeding him. It's a special bond between Little Man and I.

We have two date night planned. One is September 29th and one is October 8. When my husband first said he wanted to do both of these dates I told him absolutely not. I will not leave my babies two weekends in a row. I was almost mad that he would even think that was okay. I thought on it for a little while and realized that going out with my husband two Saturdays in a row is OKAY. I am hardly ever away from my kids(except a quick trip to the grocery store which means they are home with daddy) and my husband and I need that time.

A hard concept for me to learn and accept is that my marriage needs to come before my kids because if my marriage isn't going well then my kids are not going to be happy. My husband and I's relationships NEEDS to come first. We need to be happy in order to raise our kids properly so if that means leaving them once or twice a month for a date night then so be it. They sleep the whole time we're gone anyways and they are perfectly happy when we're not here. This is just something I struggle with so much because I feel guilty if I'm away from them but I love that alone with my husband and I know that it is needed. Our marriage is just so important because if we don't work on relationship and have that time alone we could end up unhappy and divorced..and that is NOT good for my kids.

I learned a lot from this experience and had so much with my husband. Things like date nights really make our relationship strong and gives us a chance to remember why we fell in love in the first place.


  1. It sounds awesome. I'm glad things are going better for you guys.

  2. It's sounds like you had a great time! Yes, you do need to have date nights. My husband and I don't have kids yet, but with the military... sometimes you just need to get away and be by yourselves for a bit.

  3. I just found your blog. I am going to start following! I dream of my husband and I going on date nights. We will again... someday :)