21 September 2011

Little Miss is Making Progress

So it's been a little while since I updated all of you on Little Miss. She's been in speech therapy for a little over 4 months now and is making a lot of progress. When she started speech therapy she could say very few words. If you asked her to say something she wouldn't repeat it. Now after a little over four months she can say so many words like Bubbles, Apple, I love you(sounds more like "I of oo") and many more. She also can tell you what all of her body parts are like her eyes, ears, mouth, hands and so forth. Little Miss also can tell you what sounds a cow makes as well as a sheep and a few others.

We are so beyond proud of her. She is doing so wonderful! She still has a long way to go to catch up but she is making progress and that is what counts. The biggest thing is that she won't just up to me and say something like "more milk". Instead she will just fuss at me until I tell her to stop fussing and to use words. I have to pull these words out of her most times it seems which is frustrating for her. She won't talk much unless prompted to. Like if I say, "What are these?" as I point to my ears she will reply "EARS!". She is little by little beginning to kind of talk on her own though which is huge. It's mostly just imatation though which is still a big deal! Yesterday, we snuggled on the couch and watched Finding Nemo. During the movie she got off the couch and started walking around like she was looking for something saying, "Nemo, Nemo!". It was so cute. Imitation is beginning to take over her. Everything I do and say she tries to imitate.

I started taking her to a music class last week. It's every thursday and I think it's a great way for her to learn and play while interacting with other kids. Little Man loves it too! We are also trying to come up with the money to put Little Miss in dance classes. There is a toddler class just for 2 year olds that does 10 minutes of tap, 10 minutes of ballet, and 10 minutes of tumbling. This would be so amazing for her because she LOVES to make music and to dance to music. She may not talk much but she is extremely talented when it comes to music. She is always making music with anything she can.

I guess while I'm updating you on Little Miss I should let you know how Little Man is doing too. He will be four months old on Monday and is growing SO FAST.  He rolled over for the first time 2 weeks ago. He is such a happy, smily, baby. I have been working so hard trying to get him to laugh for weeks now and of course I ran out the other day to the store and when I came back husband said he got Little Man to laugh. He tried to do it again for me but Little Man just wouldn't do it. Same thing happened yesterday while I was in the shower. This little guy just won't laugh for me. Stubborn, just like his daddy ;)


  1. That is wonderful. Abbie needs tubes and I am hoping it will help her speech if not we will be in speech therapy soon too. I also want to put bug in dance class when she turns 2.

    Keep up the good work momma!

  2. hi there im a new follower im also a military wife, i just recently started following you as of last night and your post was an adorable update sounds like shes making some progress there and thats great baby steps and she will get there! i bet you were so excited about lil man rollin over. sometimes those babies like to make us look crazy i have a 1yr old girl who does certain things for daddy too to cute!
    if u would like to be friends and follow me back you could i like to leave recently updated comments on blogs so you can expect that from me hope your having a wonderful week !