01 August 2011

WWI: Week 2

Last Week's Weight: 163
Today's Weight: 160 pounds
Total Lost since 7/25: 3 pounds
Next week's goals weight: 158

Last Weeks goals:
Spend 20 minutes running 4x (only ran twice due to husband's work schedule)
Begin exercising with Yoga Ball for ten minutes 4x(Didn't do at all)

This week's goals:
Run 20 minutes 4x
Do belly dancing/zumba/or yoga ball exercises 4x for 35 minutes

So last week didn't go as good as I had hoped which is why I can't believe I lost THREE POUNDS! On Monday I had left over KFC for lunch and also splurged on a Baskin Robbins sundae which to my surprise was 1,330 calories!! For one sundae!! Had I known that I wouldn't have ate it but silly me didn't look it up until after I ate it. Although, I have to say it was delicious :) I have a strong sweet tooth and finally discovered something I can eat without ruining my whole day. They are 90 calorie Fiber One brownies. They are pretty good and fulfill my craving for sweets and chocolate.
Overall this week went okay as far as my calorie intake. A couple days I went over but for the most part I stayed under. On Saturday I was cleaning all day and just forgot to eat so at the end of the day I was trying to eat things to up my calorie intake because it is not safe for a BFing woman to have under 1500 calories and I was only at like 600. By the end of the day I ended up right around 1400 calories for my intake. I've been trying to stick right between 1500-1600 calories for my intake which leaves my NET calories right around 1000-1100. I've noticed my milk supply is still great so I'm thinking this is probably a good area to stay and after doing lots of research and talking to my doctor this seems to be what I will continue.

Since I've stopped drinking soda 8 weeks ago and have now been eating healthier and have cut out all eating out(we might do this as a special treat once a month) I've noticed I feel so much better. My mood has even drastically changed. I'm happier and healthier and it feel so good. I have so much energy for my kids. If you have not started the journey to a healthier lifestyle and want to make a change I highly suggest that you do it. It will change your whole life :)

[So I realize my before pictures from last week did not work. I fixed them and see them HERE]
So everyone how are you feeling? What is your weight? How much did you lose? Did you meet your goals?

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  1. Congrats on your weight loss! I am finally able to log on...shoulda read the help section sooner!

    Now, that I can tell you more without sending a dozen tweets...lol.

    My goal weight is what I weighed when I was in the Marine Corps-110 but not more than 120. However, my biggest thing is to just be healthy even if that is at 130 but I have a good body fat, bmi, etc. I do my weigh ins on Saturday mornings. I haven't gotten any pics yet but will try to get those and upload them. If I think of anything else, I will surely post.

    Again, sorry for all the tweets.