25 July 2011

WWI: Week 1

Today is the first day of this weight loss journey. I downloaded an app to my iphone to track calories and discovered if I stick to 1200 calories a day I will lose 2 pounds a week hitting my goal by October 29. So here Goes.
My before Pictures:

Current Weight: 163
Size: 10
Goal Weight: 135
Total Weight Lost: 0
Next Weeks Goal Weight: 161

Goals This Week:
Spend 20 minutes running 4x
Begin execising with Yoga Ball for ten minutes 4x

Now it's your turn. Post a link to your blog displaying your goals, plan of action, and before pictures OR just comment with your weight this week and goals.


  1. I don't have a pic but I weighed in at 148 this morning after the gym. I want to weigh in at 145 next Monday!

    I will hit the gym each day (Mon-Fri) this week and try to get focused on cardio!

    Good luck!

  2. I don't have my sclae but I am going to post asap.

  3. Awesome! (I can't see your pics but atleast your holding yourself accountable.) One thing I learned from a personal training class is this. If you are only going to be spending a short time running then make sure its a run and not a jog. Your body uses up stored energy the first 25 minutes of jogging. After that it taps into that extra built up fat.

  4. 1200 calories with nursing does not sound like a good idea. You need an additional 300-500 calories per day while nursing and 1200 calories is at the very bottom of a recommended caloric intake while dieting. An 1800 calorie diet would be healthier for both you and baby, while still providing the ability for weight loss.