07 August 2011

How to Deal

There are so many things you can do to help your children and yourself cope with your spouse being gone whether on a deployment or a TDY. What I've learned is that although there are things that help there are still going to be bad nights. As much as I try to take the roles of mommy and daddy...I'm not daddy and can never make up for him not being here. Trying to explain to a two year old that yes, daddy is gone but he will be back is near impossible.

Tonight was rough...every day has been rough since he left on Thursday. Little Miss doesn't want to eat or sleep. She just wants Daddy. She stares at his pictures and smiles. She constantly plays his voice(in her build a bear puppy) over and over. Little miss wants daddy and nothing I can do is going to take that feeling away. No ammount of snuggles, Dora, or sippy cups of milk will make it better. The only cure for her missing him is for him to come home. I wish I could fast forward time:(

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