08 August 2011


I just heard from my husband. [We have iphones so even though he's in another country he was able to skype with me using a WiFi connection.] He is overworked. He's overtired. and he's severely homesick. Seeing my tough husband cry...was not easy. He's a wreck. But then again so am I and so are the kids. He misses us and we miss him. I guess his trip is awful and everything keeps going wrong. He hates that he has 3 more weeks of this. I wish I could take his pain away...heck I wish I could take my own pain away. He just left on Thursday and we are already broken down. Little Miss didn't fall asleep until a little while ago and I'm waiting up to talk to him again. Long day and long night. I just want my husband home. Who knew a TDY could be so hard? I certainly didn't.


  1. It's difficult with children! I don't think I would have cried when my husband left this last time (it's just a three week tdy) but when my daughter didn't want to let him go and started crying as I had to peel her off of him, I broke down! A lot happens in three weeks and for a child that seems like forever! The one thing I didn't realize was how hard it is on our guys to leave their family. I always sort of thought they were "too tough to care" but I was wrong! Good luck with the rest of the time!

  2. :( Aw. I hope things get better for you guys.

  3. Ive now been on both sides of the fence and the guys miss their kids more then you can imagine. All they talk about when they are gone is what plans they have with their families and what they plan on eating :)