08 August 2011

WWI: Week 3

Last Week's Weight: 160
Today's Weight: 160 pounds
Total Lost since 7/25: 3 pounds
Next week's goals weight: 158

Last Weeks Goals:
Run 20 minutes 4x(Only ran once due to husband leaving for his TDY a week early)

Do belly dancing/zumba/or yoga ball exercises 4x for 35 minutes(Only did one day for 45 minutes)

This week's goals:
Do some sort of Cardio 3x for 35 minutes
Spend three mornings walking for 30 minutes

So I had another not so great week. My husband leaving really had an impact on my motivation. I'm having such a hard time. Hoping this week goes better. How did your week go?


  1. I was down 1.2 lbs. But, I ate horrible this past weekend. So, I have to get back on track. I haven't been doing any exercise so I need to set a goal to get some in!

  2. I gained weight ahhhh. But thats ok. I had a clean day of eating. Im going to work out tonight and get back on track now. Thank goodness the kids have started school. It hasn't been easy my husband left for deployment on Dec 1st and the got extended another 31 days. (we just found out a month ago) These things def play a huge part when trying to lose weight. Jan 2nd can't come soon enough