15 July 2011

Guilty Pleasures..Music Friday

In 7th grade a friend introduced me to this amazing band called Dashboard Confessional. Years and years later...10 years to be exact they are still my favorite band of all time. I have seen them in concert 4 times. Grab a glass of wine and enjoy...

and now another band I love...

well I think three songs are enough for tonight. :) Hope you enjoyed them as much as I did. More to come and keep checking my blog for updates on my weight loss journey. If you want to join me either tweet me @Lenapenaa , leave a comment, or email me at hewearscombatboots@gmail.com. I want us to be in this together and am planning some fun things for this journey to become a better me. So go buy some running shoes and get ready!


  1. Too funny- I totally just blogged about them a few weeks ago. Love Dashboard!