12 July 2011

Shoe Memories

Shoes. I LOVE shoes. Always have and always will. I have always been the girl who wore heels everywhere and had a million pairs in every color. I still have a million pairs but these days with two kids...I rarely wear them. Every time I walk into my closest I look at my shoe shelf of heels and wonder when I'll wear them again. It reminds me of the movie In Her Shoes. She has all these cute shoes just begging to be worn but never wears them.

I used to be cool. I used to dress cool and wear cool shoes. I used to do my hair everyday. Oh, how I miss the days of having time to make myself look and feel good. These days my hair gets thrown up in a bun, I put on as much makeup as I have time to apply, throw on some flip flops and I'm out the door. The adorable shoes to the left I bought a year ago April. They've been worn once. And to the right, I bought those when I was 5 months pregnant with Little Miss. I think I've worn them twice? Oh, and those lovely to die for purple shoes below...I wore those for my bachelorette party when I was 6 months pregnant[we got married at a courthouse but had a renewal of vows/reception when I was 6 months pregnant which is when I had my bachlorette party]. I danced until late into the night in those heels. I didn't care if my back was killing me with the extra weight from Little Miss in my belly. I was determined to maintain my 'cool' factor. These days my 'cool' is out the door.
After I had Little Miss I gave up on my appearance. In the first few months I only put on makeup to leave the house and rarely changed out of my baggy t-shirts, no bra, and no pants look. I was a wreck to say the least and gained a ton of weight after giving birth. It took me until her first birthday and my husband deploying before I decided enough was enough. I took his deployment as a chance to better myself. I worked my butt off and lost almost 30 pounds. I felt better than I'd ever had. I still had some weight to lose but overall was so much happier. Then I got pregnant again and now I feel like I'm back where I started. Because I'm breastfeeding I can't take anything to help my weight loss nor can I cut calories.
I am however eating healthier and will be joining a gym once we get paid. And the perk? My gym has free tanning :) So I can be tan and fit.

So here's to feeling good and taking charge of your weight! Anyone else want to join me on my journey? I'm hoping to do weekly updates like I did last summer.

Oh and I guess I should mention that I'm not cleared by the doctor to exercise since I'm only 5 weeks postpartum. My appointment is on the 20th.


  1. I already beat you to it but I'll continue the journey with you. I have 14 more pounds until I have reached my goal. My son turned 1 in June and its been a killer. I too have some great shoes in my closet but Ive also been noticing my pile of mom shoes is starting to push my "happy shoes" to the side. HMMM I wonder if that shoedazzle.com actually is worth it.

  2. oh just found out from a friend shoe dazzle is a scam. oh well.