01 June 2011

Target and why I love it

From the time I was young I remember my mom taking me to Target. We would always get Icee's and a popcorn to enjoy while we shopped. I never remember leaving that store without my mom and I spending at least a hundred bucks. We would walk aisle after aisle admiring cute dishes, trendy clothes, and all of the neat household items. It was always such a fun mamma-daughter time for us and I loved going. We always walked out of Target with huge smiles because we had gotten treasures that we loved and usually for a great price! They always have great sales and amazing clearance. Well today just further proves why I love Target. I have been needing to purchase the rest of the stuff I need for baby boy and found today to be the perfect opportunity. They also had an awesome sale on P&G products so I stocked up on toilet paper, detergent, and other household items I won't want to run out to get after the baby is born. Here is what I got:

1 Halo Sleep Swaddler
1 Eddie Bauer High Chair/Shopping Cart Cover
1 3pack of Graco sleep n plays
1 Moby Wrap
1 Carters Baby Blanket
1 Olive Oil
1 Vegetable Oil
1 Johnsons Nighttime baby lotion
1 Johnsons Nighttime baby wash(came with free small size of baby wash)
1 big pack of Tide Stain Release
1 Downy Fabric Softener
1 64 load Tide Free and Clear
1 64 load original Tide
2 Charmin Sensitive 18-packs
2 packs of Charmin Freshmates
1 Boudreaux's Butt Paste
1 2pack of Baby Aquaphor

Original price for all of this you ask?????
How much did I pay???

Now I realize this isn't as good as some could have done but I was lacking some coupons and items like the moby wrap($42.99) was not on sale. I have to say I made out pretty good considering the original price of just the baby items I needed was $116.97. So now check out your Target ad and gather up your coupons and head to Target for some fun and saving money:)

Baby update: I'm feeling awful today and have been having mild contractions all day long. Tomorrow is my pre-induction appointment as well as Little Miss' first day of speech therapy. Going to be a long day tomorrow but I'll update on the baby soon I promise!! Hope you all are having a great week!

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