31 May 2011

Memorial Day Weekend and a Baby?

This weekend was just what our family needed well except for my husband having to work on Saturday. He was lucky enough to get Sunday and Monday off though(he has only had 3 days off in like a month and a half). Saturday my husband cooked his famous chicken enchiladas while we listened to Mariachi music. Little Miss danced through the living room and I bounced on my exercise ball while the delicious smells of dinner filled our house. Husband made me a virgin strawberry margarita and even heated up tortilla chips in the oven to eat with salsa. We sat at the table for the first time in a long time and all 3 of us ate together. It was such a great and yummy dinner!! After dinner we put Little Miss to bed and cuddled on the couch while watching movies. Sunday morning husband got up with Little Miss and let me sleep in until 10am! I have not slept that late in so many months I can't even remember the last time. After I got up we put Little Miss for a nap and after she woke up we headed to the pool. It was so nice out and the water felt great on my ever growing preggo body. We spent about an hour there before Little Miss decided it was time to leave. We spent the rest of the evening home relaxing as a family. Yesterday we headed to zoo in the morning because military and dependents got in free :) It was so hot but so much fun!! We fed the giraffes which Little Miss thought was absolutely hysterical. She loved the giraffe's big tongue. After two hours of intense heat my toes looked like sausages and my ankles like watermelons. We were all worn out and Little Miss passed out the second the car began to move. When we got home we put Little Miss for a nap and my husband offered to stay home with her and let me go to the pool by myself for an hour to read and relax. Unfortunately, when I got there the pool was closed so I headed back home.

When I got back home I laid down in bed and suddenly felt wet almost like I had peed myself although I knew I hadn't. I smell the liquid and it was odorless like water. I bounced on my ball for a little bit and then noticed more leaking fluid. I laid down and ate and enchilada and waited. Right after the first discovery of fluid I began having contractions roughly about ten minutes apart. After two hours I decided to call the doctor. The only reason I did was because it could have been my water breaking or leaking amniotic fluid and I didn't want to risk infection. She told me to take my time getting ready and head into L&D. After my best friend got here to watch Little Miss we were off the hospital. I was so nervous and feeling anxious because I really wanted to wait to have him until my mom gets here on Sunday...or basically until my induction on Monday. When I got there they tested the fluid and decided it was not my water breaking and didn't seem concerned. They checked my cervix and said I was 3cm dialated and 80% effaced which is a big jump from being barely 1cm and 50% effaced(which I was last Wednesday and have been for over a month). Because I had made progress from my appointment they kept me monitored for two hours then checked me again. I made no progress in the two hours so they sent me home. I have to say I was relieved because I have childcare set up for Little Miss on Monday and will have my mom here so I'm glad I did not go into active labor last night. They did say they doubt I will make it until Monday though. I have my pre-induction doctor's appointment on Monday so I'm curious to see if I am any more dialated.

Really hoping Little Man stays in until my mom is here!! Hope you all had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend:)

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  1. Praying for you, hubby, Little Miss and Little Man!!!! I wish I could be these so badly. Sending package out soon. I doubt it arrives before Little Man gets here, but I will try! :) I love you and I am so proud of you and the hubby.

    <3 !!!!!!!