19 May 2011

Paci Battles: Night/Day 1

Oh the joys of pacifiers. They are like a mute button. Baby Screams. You plop paci in mouth. Baby is quiet. See? It's a mute button. Well our Little Miss has been using a paci since birth. At 12 months I planned on taking it away but then daddy deployed and I decided if I took that away on top her daddy being taken away...well that would be just cruel. So fast forward to September 2010...Daddy is home and she still has her paci. We agree to take it away but never do. A couple months ago we tried and gave in. Well, yesterday Little Miss lost her paci in Old Nacy and this preggo mamma didn't notice until we were already at the car and I was not about to go back in and get it so guess what? We are paci free. I have a backup one somewhere but I don't know where and am not going to look for it. So last night was night one with no paci and Daddy got her to sleep after a few times of going in, comforting her, and putting her back in bed. She sleeps so much better for him then me.

This past week she has been fighting me at naptime. She refuses to sleep in her bed[which by the way she has been sleeping in a toddler bed for a month now as the crib is now in baby boy's room]. It takes a lot to get her to nap for me and everyday is a battle with lots of tears and screaming....sometimes the tears are on both ends. Thank You hormones. Well today is her first nap without a paci. Hubby is working and so yet again she fought me for a nap. I began laying her down at 10:45am and it is now almost noon and she is still not asleep...After the screaming fit was over she got quiet and I thought she was sleeping but for the past 40 minutes she has been playing....*sigh*...this mamma is NOT giving in but man I hope she naps because I would love a nap myself. Hubbs will not be home from work until around 11pm so I really need a nap....


  1. around her age is when fayth stopped taking naps all together so maybe thats what she's doing...but good luck!

  2. Keep up the good work! It WILL get better! It may not happen quickly, but it will happen. My lil man is 3 1/2 now and he was the same. We stopped the day after his 2nd bday, and now at 2 he goes without a fight. There is a window though. If we wait til 2:45 nap is going to be a fight, but around 2 he never fights it. Keep her on schedule as best as you can and you will all be thankful later! I'm really glad you are posting again :) I am 22 wks and it's comforting to know other mamas around here are going through the same motions as me :)