01 April 2011


Yesterday was an awful day. It started storming Wednesday night when we went to bed. Yesterday morning my husband got up to go to work and realized we had a Tornado watch and there were big storms headed our way so he couldn't take his motorcycle to work and instead took our car leaving me with no vehicle. Not long after he left for work the storms came on strong. By 11:30am we had a tornado warning and my husband had texted me saying they made him take shelter at the gym. I sat cuddled with Little Miss and my dog in the corner of the couch glued to the weather. The radar showed rotation which was a possible tornado pretty much over my house then my power went out. I was scared out of my mind. At the same time my power went out my cell phone lost service. I decided since I had no way of knowing if that rotation was in fact a tornado I would seek shelter. I grabbed Little Miss' blanket and huge stuffed puppy, my down comforter, my dog's comfy bed, and tons of pillows and headed for our master bathroom. I made a nice comfy bed for the three of us on the floor and camped out for an hour listening to the awful noises from outside. My phone was in and out of service the whole time and would not connect to internet. After an hour my friend texted me to say we were in the clear for the time being and I should be fine. I put Little Miss down for a nap and tried to figure out what I could make for lunch. I was starving and Little Miss was too. Thankfully we have a gas stove so I was able to light it with a lighter. I made grilled cheese and spaghetti but Little Miss wouldn't eat any of it when she woke up from her nap(which ended up only being an hour long). My husband was able to leave work early to bring home ice to put in the freezer to keep things like milk cold. After he left my friend drove over inbetween storms to keep us company and drive us to get something to eat. When she got to my house I finally got power back. We spent six hours with no power and the storms didn't stop until late last night. It was a very scary and stressful day.

I was supposed to have my baby appointment on Monday but had to reschedule it for yesterday which I once again had to cancel due to the storms so I won't have an appointment until next Wednesday unfortunately. Today is is 80 and sunny. I drove around town a bit this morning and outside of my neighborhood there is debris and damage everywhere. It looks like there may have been a small tornado touch down a few minutes from my house. A tornado touched down right outside of the base where my husband was as well. There several other tornados that touched down in other areas as well.  I am so thankful we are all okay. Storms are not something to mess with.

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  1. Oh my gosh, I am so glad you and your baby are okay!! Somehow I always end up being home alone when the weather gets like that. Its scares me to death!