28 March 2011

Seeing The World

Growing up I had dreams of traveling. Dreams of living in a studio apartment in Paris, France above a salon I owned. I had dreams of visiting the concentration camps in Germany and Poland and of digging up my family history in the Bahamas. Traveling is something I loved to do from a young age. Whether it was a 14 hour road trip with my family to the beach or flying to see my relatives in Colorado. I loved to travel. My love for traveling is part of what made being a military wife easy for me. I hate being away from my family and I miss them every day but I love the chance to live somewhere new. I love the idea of moving every few years and exploring new places I would have not seen had we not been a military family. I have only been out of the country a few times and every time it was to Canada and I have never been out west. I saw this map on several people's blogs and thought it fit right in with my post today. So here it is...the states I've been to.
Yeah, like I said I have never been out West.  Yesterday my Husband and I were talking about re-training. This September marks 3 years since he joined the United States Air Force which means he will be up for re-training. Currently he works in maintenance as a Crew Chief but he is now considering becoming a contractor. The school is only 8 weeks long and since contractors are needed at every base we will be able to be sent anywhere. Well, yesterday we were talking about where we'd like to go next if we had the choice. We both agreed that we would love to go overseas somewhere. I would love to go to England or Germany and he seems keen on going to Japan. Stateside, we agreed that we would love to be in Northern California or Colorado. We know eventually we want to end up in the Carolinas but before that we want to go everywhere. My husband, like me, loves to travel and explore new places. Usually about once a month we pack up the car for a day long adventure to a new city. We'll drive as much as two hours to somewhere new that we've never been. Where we live now there are a lot of neat places to visit. The idea that we could be moving by the end of the year is exciting although, a little scary. It took me two years at this base to make the amazing friends I have now and I hate to leave them and have to start over somewhere new. Not to mention I love the house we are renting and we have really made it our home. No matter where the military takes us I know we will make the best of it and enjoy every bit of building a home somewhere new.


  1. We are the same way :) We had the opportunity to go to Germany last time around, but picked Florida instead since Meatball can't fly! We will live there one day though! All 3 of those places you said would be awesome places to live. I'm partial to Germany though because of it's location! You could jump on a train and literally be in so many different countries within hours. Can you imagine just jumping on a train and spending your weekend in Switzerland, Austria, France, the Netherlands, Italy, etc! That would be amazing.. I hope you guys get the chance to do it!

    sorry, I was just born to travel. I could talk about it all day long, lol

  2. I'm the same way about traveling... love it! but it is tough to start over new everywhere after making friends.. getting a job.. adjusting to a new town.. etc.

    That would be so much fun to be stationed overseas! hope you all end up somewhere exciting!

  3. My husband is thinking about cross training when he can as well, and he is also a crew chief..sick of it already! lol