27 March 2011

Sunday Sweets

Today we attended our first birthday party that Little Miss was invited to. It was our friend's son's third birthday and they rented out the youth center on base and had a sports themed party. There was a gym filled with toddler sized hoops and balls and Little Miss was so amazed and overwhelmed. Every time she chased a ball she got so excited! She would pick it up and run to the hoop then stand there and wait for Daddy or me to lift her up so she could put it in the hoop. Watching her play and interact with the other kids was so just so much fun for my husband and I. Normally, Little Miss does not get many sweets but today she got some super sugary juice(three glasses!) and chocolate cake. After her sugar high ended she threw a tantrum and we ended up leaving a little earlier than planned. She lasted almost 3 hours at the party without taking a nap beforehand and she did so well. I was so worried she would act shy and cling to me the whole time because she is rarely around other kids but she did great! She even played musical chairs and took a hit at the pinata with Daddy's help. Today just further confirmed that fact that my little baby girl is growing up so fast.

Little Miss' second birthday is just a little over a month away and my mom just bought a plane ticket to come on friday. We aren't having a big party as we had two big parties last year. Instead, we are taking her to a water park and cooking out at our house after. The next day my wonderful friend is throwing a baby shower for me and I am just so excited my mom is coming to town for all of it! It truly is crazy though that when Little Miss turns 2 I will only have about 5 weeks left until my due date. Time is flying by!!

I promise a 30 week baby update and belly picture after my appointment tomorrow. Hope you all had a fabulous weekend :)

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