24 March 2011

Ice Ice Baby

I cannot stop chewing ice. I have an addiction. Last night I was laying in bed and even though I was so sleepy...I couldn't stop thinking about chewing ice and had to get up and fill a glass with ice to chew before I could go to bed. I love ice. It is delicious. I went through this same obsession when I was pregnant with Little Miss. About a month after she was born I no longer chewed it but now my addiction is back and stronger than ever. My poor teeth :(

In other news my next baby appointment is my 30 week check up and is on Monday. I am starting to get nervous because at my last appointment my blood pressure was really high and I am so afraid it will still be high or even higher than it was and they will threaten me with bed rest which is just not possible for me. I'm really hoping the appointment goes well. I'm going to try to de-stress some this weekend.

I'm also starting to get stressed out about the fact that Monday I am 30 weeks along which means only 10 weeks left. I am almost positive this baby is going to come before my due date. I even had two dreams this week, one where I gave birth at 30 weeks and one where he was born at 34 weeks. We haven't even started working on the nursery and I just made my first baby boy purchase today(a bunch of clothes because carters is having a sale online). I have so much to get done before baby boy arrives and I feel so overwhelmed. I have been on a cleaning spree trying to get my house organized and clutter-free. So much to do and only 10 weeks to go. Holy. Crap.


  1. You can do it! The dreams are probably because you aren't feeling ready, you are worried he will be born early. Hopefully he cooperates and stays in till 37 weeks at least!

  2. Congrats on the baby boy purchase! Also, just to let you know, craving ice is a sign of anemia or low iron, you may want to mention it at your next apptmt so they can check. My son used to ask for ice all the time, and evidently his iron was low (but he wasnt anemic, how wierd is that?)

  3. I did the ice thing too; definitely didn't help with my iron --- thus hospitalized and had to have blood transfusions! Babies make us crazy! I am so excited, only 10 weeks! I cannot wait to see his gorgeous face.