23 February 2011

Sunsets & Beaches

 This was my view as we drove home from a day at the beach. Husband was off work for president's day so we took a little day trip to the beach(about an hour away). It was well needed for all of us to relax in the sun and I am so glad we went. Little Miss loves the beach and always has. It had been months since we had taken her so she was really excited!
 Little Miss covered in sand<3 The water was freezing but she dragged us in anyways so you can imagine the amount of sand she gathered in her diaper. She was so full of giggles and smiles while we were there and she drew lots of attention to her cuteness. So many people stopped to say hi to her. She really has a way of touching people's hearts.
 Little Miss dragging daddy all over the beach.

And this is me in all my belly glory. I rocked a bikini and didn't care what anyone thought. I got a lot of stares but that's okay. I felt great and that's all that matters. Overall it was a good day that left us all with many tan lines. We enjoyed dinner on the beach and drove home during sunset. The beach has a way of healing my soul and making me feel at peace. It has always been my 'safe place'. The beach is my favorite place to go.

Today and yesterday I have been very sick and am hoping to feel better tomorrow. It's so awful being sick because I just don't have the energy for Little Miss and it makes me feel guilty. Thankfully she has been pretty good other than waking up super early. Love her so much<3


  1. Oooh, jealous! I love the beach! And people were staring because, duh, a lady looking hot AND pregnant on the beach? Heck yes I'd stare.

    Get it, girl!

  2. you look so cute rockin' that bikini!
    so jealous of your beach trip, I so miss the warm fla beaches!

  3. For being pregnant and in a bikini you look amazing. Some women can't pull it off. =) I can't ever wear a bikini without blinding anybody because I'm so white lol.

  4. ugh, your so cute it disgust me! :) Just teasing! But really, you look amazing!