01 January 2011

So this is the New Year...

"So this is the New Year, and I don't feel any different"
-Death Cab for Cutie

That phrase is how I feel this New Years. To me, today feels like just another day. Up until Thursday my husband was supposed to work last night-7pm-7am so I had planned on sleeping into the new year. Usually at the end of the year I feel ready to reflect and evaluate the year and decide what I want to do better in the new year but this year...it just feels different. Maybe it's because life has been so busy. Time seems to be flying past me and I can't seem to get it to slow down. It's hard to believe tomorrow will be January 1, 2011. So here I am, feeling absolutely nothing trying to force some reflection for this blog entry. So here it is...my 2010...
    -We were preparing for our first deployment. I was a mess but holding it together as best as I could. I march my husband went out to a bar with some friends(he NEVER goes out) and they were hit by a drunk driver. My husband got pretty banged up but was so drunk he didn't even hardly remember it which is actually a good thing. He was sitting in the seat where the car hit and had it not been for his body being so relaxed from the alcohol he could have been severely injured. In April two days before selling my car and two weeks before my husband was leaving, I went out with a friend to see my favorite band. One mile from the base at 2:30am we were hit by a drunk driver. My car was totalled and I was left with an even worse back than I already had and gigantic hemotoma on my head. In addition to my car I also lost a stroller and pack and play which were in the trunk. A couple days after the accident we celebrated baby girl's first birthday and two weeks later in may...my husband deployed and baby girl and I left the state to live with my mom while he was gone.
   -I spent the summer by the beach. Baby girl and I played in the water and the sand every weekend and when we weren't at the beach we were stuck at mom's house(because remember my car was totalled). Overall, it was a good summer. My husband and I went through some very rough patches and if you backtrack on my blog I sort of talk about it a little. Then, on September 12, my husband and I's 2 year wedding anniversay...he came back to us. I missed him so much and was so happy to have him back! We moved into a new house and bought two cars as well as some other toys for ourselves. September was a great month and brought a lot of hope.
   -In October I celebrated my 22nd birthday and the next day baby girl turned 18 months old. We also took a trip to see family. In November, just two weeks after our return from seeing family we had to rush back to my husband's home state with little notice because his dad was having open heart surgery. It was scary and tough financially but his dad did great and we survived. When we got back we no electricity and because the electric company screwed up...We had to pay $550 that we didn't have. And thus begins us being broke. And here it is, December. I've begun selling things to make money to decorate our bedroom. We then celebrated Christmas and my sister and mom came down for two days to celebrate with us. It was so amazing to have them here, I just wish they could have stayed longer. The best thing was at the end of October when we found out we were having another precious baby :)

This year was filled with so many things. So many changes and so many hard times but in the same we've been blessed with so much!

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  1. Wow, darlin', you have had one hell of a year! I'm glad that, even with the rough patches, you have a happy, healthy family and you held onto your optimism! I know it's not really my place to say it, but...you done good, girl!