30 December 2010

Babies, Bellies, & Home Decor..Oh My!

This is me at 15 weeks pregnant(will be 18 weeks on monday!) and wow is my belly so big already! This pregnancy is flying by! My baby girl just turned 20 months on Tuesday and here I am almost halfway through my pregnancy! So January 18th I find out for sure if there is a little cowgirl or cowboy in my belly so here is your chance to vote for what YOU think I'm having :) Post a comment with what you think! So, I want to brag for a minute. If you've stuck by my blog for a while you know that I lost quite a bit of weight while my husband was deployed. My lowest weight was 153 and put me in a size 8 jeans(although I didn't buy any-just wore my jeans baggy with belts). Well I bought a pair of maternity skinny jeans from old navy in a size 8 and the jeans pictured above are from high school and haven't fit me in years. At my last doctor's appointment almost two weeks ago I weighed in at 161 which is pretty awesome. It's exciting for me to get on a scale pregnant and still be less than I weighed before losing weight. So take this as motivation for yourselves if you are trying to lose weight. YOU CAN DO IT. If I can...than anyone can :)

And now...an update on our Master Bedroom. First...the before picture

and yes that is dirty laundry at the end of my bed. I refuse to pretend my house perfectly clean all the time because it's not. I'm pregnant with a toddler and prefer the 'lived in' look :)
and here are the newest editions to our bedroom..

It's hard to see how beautiful this bench really is. It is tan with a light blue paisley pattern. It's super comfy to sit on and houses throw pillow and blankets inside. Got this baby on clearance at Home goods for 69 bucks! Oh, and I should mention I have been selling lots of stuff via craigslist to afford things for our bedroom. It's tough but worth it when I get to bring home awesome stuff.
and here is our new mirrored end table which I got for a STEAL via craigslist. Two of them for 85 bucks!!! They have similar ones at target for 100 each. Also you can see a candle and candle stick my mom gave me for Christmas(they will sit on our desk or dresser once we get one). Also, the lamp! It still has the plastic on it because I just got two of them last night and want to make sure I love them before I take it off. They are more silver than you can tell in this picture but I love my lamps! Only 29.99 each at Tj Maxx! Oh, and don't you love the classy baby monitor? Fits right in with the decor huh? Come June I will have TWO baby monitors sitting there....*sigh*

I am still in search of the perfect Duvet cover. I found one on macys.com that I really like for 200 which is WAY too much. I would like to find one for 50 or under but am having no luck. Call me picky but I want one that I am going to LOVE. Went on a late night run to home goods, TJ's, and Ross last night with no luck. I've looked everywhere cannot find one for a price I'm willing to pay. I considered buy a comforter set but we have a really nice down comforter that I love and would rather just get a new duvet cover for it.

So that's my life currently and I am so thrilled to be back to the blogger world. I have missed it and all of you so much! How were your holidays? and don't forget to cast your vote for the gender of our baby!

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  1. First and foremost, my vote is BOY! :)

    Secondly, I did some research on Macy's and...

    *They are having a sale where you can get 20-60% off now through Sunday.

    *The Boulevard 7-pc. California King Comforter Set started at $200.00. Marked to 79.99, then marked down to $59.99.

    Then I found a BUNCH of additional coupon codes you can attempt to enter at checkout:
    - http://www.macys.com/campaign/social?campaign_id=61&channel_id=1&cm_guid=1-_-100000000000007795828-_-5815515080&cm_mmc=GOOGLE_Macys_Trademark-_-Macy%27s+Coupons+Deal+Site_Macy%27s+Coupon+Codes-_-5815515080_Exact-_-macy%27s+coupon+codes_mkwid_s100000000000007795828_5815515080|-|100000000000007795828

    - http://www.retailmenot.com/view/macys.com

    - http://www.webcouponcodes.com/retailer/macys.aspx

    Hope this helps. :))

    Love you!