03 January 2011

All Because Two People Fell in Love

When I think about my life and how much it's changed in just 3 years I find myself in a daze. Wondering how my life went from being about me to putting a husband(holy moly, I have a husband?!) and soon to be two kids before myself. It amazes me sometimes to think at 22 I'm going to have two kids. 2011 is bringing a lot of exciting things for me. Little Miss turns TWO in April!! In June will be 3 years since I first met hubby and 3 years since we fell in love. Also in June(most likely may though) I am due to give birth to our second baby!!! Then in September we will celebrate our 3rd wedding anniversary and in October I will turn 23. All of these things are amazing and I get so caught up in life that I forget about the beautiful things happening that I have to be thankful for. Looking back at my 19 year old self exactly 3 years ago I had just left college after one semester. I was so unsure of myself and my life and had no idea what direction to go. I was lost, sad, and felt out of place in the world. I spent the spring interning with To Write Love On Her Arms for a week as well as spending a week with my best friend by the beach. If someone had told me 3 years ago today that in just 5 months I would meet the love of my life and not long after we would get married...I would have laughed in their face. Because the truth is although I really didn't know where my life was going...I still had somewhat of plan. I wasn't going to get married until I was 24 and wait two years after that before having babies. Well I got married at the young age of 19...pretty far from 24. First baby? at 20! It's really crazy when I think about all of it.

I began my Love Story in June of 2008 and had no idea it would lead to marrying an airman, getting married, and having two babies. Love can do some magical things and it sure did for me. My husband and I have our bad days, like every perfectly normal couple does, but we always get through it. He truly is the match for me even if some days he makes me want to pull my hair out. He is such an excellent father to our daughter and in my times of need he takes care of me. Sometimes it takes scary moments to remind me of all of that. This past weekend I have been in a lot of pain and well I still am. I don't want to go into detail but I spent the weekend in bed while my husband played with and cared for our daughter as well as me. He even did the dishes yesterday :) Last night two friends babysat while my husband and I headed to the hospital. Thankfully I am okay and the baby is too. But if my medicine doesn't work I have to go back so send some good healing vibes my way! Even though I felt terrible all weekend(and most of last week) I really had a great weekend. Probably one of the best weekends I've had with my husband in a while. I love him so very much and really everything that happened with us...well it's not as crazy as it seems. We fell in love and fell fast. And that's it. That's everything in a nutshell. It's All because two people fell in love.

What's your love story?

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  1. Hi, love your blog! I found it through another blog but can't remember which one now-A little pink in a world of camo or Wade's World. I am prior military as was my husband so I have been on both sides being a military wife during a deployment as well as being active duty myself. I just spent the last few hours reading your blog from beginning to present. I can relate to so much of it! So, I thought I'd share my "love story" with you.

    I was in high school, dating a Marine. A year later I was in the Marines and we were stationed together--I thought it was fate. I was 19 and a couple months later found out I was pregnant. We got engaged and then he got kicked out and we broke up. I was alone and pregnant. It was a blessing though at the time I wasn't so sure. At the end of December I met a guy who was getting out of the military in about 4 weeks. Those 4 weeks were just absolutely amazing. He didn't care that I had a child and honestly even though we liked each other nothing ever happened because he was leaving the military and going back to where his family lived. We talked every day on the phone or email and alot of times both. We wrote letters and cards. Five months later, I came home on leave and me and my son met up with him for a weekend in SC. It was a great time. This was in 2002 and by then my son had turned 1. Throughout the rest of that year we just became closer-phone calls, cards, letters, emails. We got to know each other without all the pressures that come along. Christmas 2002 he said 'I love you' for the first time. Easter 2003 he flew out to see me and proposed--which I said 'yes' to of course. We got married in June 2003 while I was on leave and have been together ever since. I had to go back and finish my time up which was in November 2003 but then in January 2004 he found out he was deploying (he got off active duty and went National Guard). He left in March of that year, came home 2 weeks in September and home for good January 2005. Our first year being married we were apart. In December 2006 (one month prior to our 2nd baby being born), we were in court for him to legally adopt my (our) son. Like every marriage we have ups and downs but we have been through so much together to give up.

    Sorry for such a long entry. I look forward to all the updates that you post. Best wishes for a good pregnancy!